Getting to know Raleigh, NC COVID-19 testing at ARCpoint


Suppose you suspect you’ve been contaminated with COVID-19 or have recently contacted somebody who has viral testing. In that case, you can make a more informed decision regarding going back to work and school, traveling, or self-isolating to help halt the spread of the virus. The availability of testing varies by area.

A nasal/throat swab is used in the Quick (Antigen) viral test to detect a current COVID-19 infection in your body. This test can help you identify if you need any more testing after going back to work or whether you should self-isolate. It’s best utilized five days of exposure, or sooner if you’re symptomatic.

Standard PCR

A nasal/throat swab is being used in the Standard (PCR) virus testing to detect a current COVID-19 infection in your body. This testing may be required before some surgeries, going back to work, ending self-isolation, or even traveling to specific countries.

Both tests employ a swab to identify a current COVID-19 infection. However, only a Standard (PCR) test must be used to end self-isolation. Additionally, if you have previously tested positive for COVID-19, you should have two bad PCR test results within 24 hours to return to work safely.

Because of its reduced cost and faster findings, the Rapid (Antigen) testing is best utilized for probable exposure.


Before meeting family and friends or returning to work, promptly getting your COVID-19 test results might make you understand the chance of spreading the virus. We can help you decide which coronavirus testing option is suitable for you and get the results back to you quickly with a choice of other alternatives.

To assist curb the spread of COVID-19, ARCpoint Labs provides various rapid and convenient testing options. Tests are available whenever and wherever you need them, whether in one of the participating labs or at your place of business. Our sophisticated reporting tools provide daily data and real-time findings and warnings for any positive instances, so you can make informed choices about when it’s safe for staff to come back to work.

ARCpoint Labs is a national 3rd provider/administrator of accurate, dependable, and confidential medical tests for consumers, businesses, legal, and healthcare professionals. We’ve been in the alcohol and drug testing business for almost 18 years, and our personnel has a total industry experience of more than 60 years. That’s very much all about Raleigh, NC COVID-19 testing at ARCpoint.

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