News Equities 2013: Trend for the stock market 2013 positive

News Equities 2013: Trend for the stock market 2013 positive News always well informed

Monday, 21.01.13 , written by Bernd Lauberg Due to the ongoing period of low interest rates, investors in traditional investment products are having a hard time receiving good interest rates. Much more, interest rates are so low that they will not even make up for inflation. The stock market offers consumers a real alternative. For 2013 investment experts expect a positive development. >

Aktien 2013: Trend für den Aktienmarkt 2013 positiv

Savings books, daily or term money accounts – In 2013, interest rates on these and other investment products will be low. The reason for this is the persistently low interest rate phase, which is due to the reduction of the key interest rate to 0.75 per cent on the part of the European Central Bank (ECB). Allianz analysts advise investors who want to generate higher than inflation returns to invest in equities. Experts predict that most stock indices will see gains of five to ten percent in 2013. So if you do not want to invest in low-risk investments with unprofitable interest rates, you can take the step into the stock market in 2013.

Dax is expected to exceed 8,000 points in 2013

In 2012, more Germans invested their money in shares again. In the first half of last year, the number of shareholders and equity fund owners in Germany rose to ten million – more than since 2007. In 2013, German equities in particular should develop positively. Not only the investment expert Ulrich Stephan of Deutsche Bank expects that the mark of the German stock index Dax this year will exceed the 8,000 point limit. The stock expert Andreas Hürkamp of Commerzbank and the largest German fund company DWS also consider new historical Dax stands 2013 possible. The German stock market offers investors some opportunities. But private investors should still bring enough capital to be able to sit out the next phase of weakness.

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Security through ECB promise

Of 19 banks and fund companies that have issued a Dax forecast for 2013, 14 financial institutions expect the German stock market index to reach 8,000 points. However, some skeptics do not trust the positive trend. Investment Manager Andreas Utermann of Allianz Global Investors points out that Dax is a group of companies with a cyclical business model whose valuation depends heavily on the development of the global economy. However, the promise of the European Central Bank to buy government bonds from crisis-hit countries without limit in the event of an emergency removes the danger of a rapid crash of the economy.

Tips for Stock Investors 2013

Some points should be considered newcomers. Most importantly, you should never invest the complete savings in stocks – there is always some risk of losing the money. Experts advise to put at most 50 to 60 per cent of the savings capital into the stock market. In addition, planning should not be short-term, but long-term. Short-term fluctuations are quite possible on the stock market, so new shareholders should invest their money for three to five years. It is also advisable to buy shares from different companies in order to spread the risk. Jürgen Kurz from the investor protection association DSW recommends the sectors food, technology and chemistry.

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