News ZDF WISO Tip: How to manage the investment with stocks and funds

News ZDF WISO Tip: How to manage the investment with stocks and funds

Monday, 13.03.17 , written by Anja Schlicht Although no significant returns can be achieved with traditional investments such as overnight money and fixed deposits, the number of people investing their money on the stock market is stagnating at around nine million people. The stock market does not mean gambling and losses. The current ZDF WISO tip shows that investing in shares can be a

ZDF WISO gibt wichtige Tipps zur Geldanlage mit Aktien

Investment in the stock market easily explained

Current accounts with interest rates are now an exception, money market accounts are barely making any profits, and even the yield on fixed-term accounts can not satisfy investors. Although many savers know that they are losing money rather than gaining money with classical investments because of inflation, most of them are staying away from the stock market with its return opportunities. Just nine million people invested in the stock market in 2016. Two reasons for the reluctance could be the complexity of the stock market and the fear of losses .

Laypeople do not need much knowledge to get more out of their money. As the current ZDF WISO tip shows, good advice, a cost comparison and the selection of suitable passively managed funds are important for this goal. In the case of the latter, Stiftung Warentest, among others, can help with its regular fund tests.

Open Depot – Compare Costs

Anyone seeking to invest in the stock market should decide whether to buy individual shares or invest in funds . For beginners in the field it makes sense to bet on funds. As the saver’s money flows into several stocks or bonds, there is a risk of losing money. Stiftung Warentest recommends beginners a deposit of at least two funds – an equity fund for the return and a fund of safe assets such as a pension fund. Where savers open their custody account is up to them. A cost comparison, however, quickly shows that especially online banks offer more favorable conditions than branch banks , so ZDF WISO. Savers who want to go public need a deposit account for their investment.

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Index Funds: The simple way of investing in the stock market

Investors can also save money when selecting funds. Via passive funds “money can be invested in the stock market in a particularly easy and cheap way,” says ZDF WISO. For these index funds or investments known as ETFs track stock indices such as the DAX. In the case of actively managed funds , on the other hand, a fund manager tries to achieve a return above the market average by deciding which shares to buy. “In reality, however, at least the fund managers succeed,” says ZDF WISO. In addition, the active management costs additionally.

ZDF WISO: These tips reduce risk on the stock market

According to the consumer magazine, fees of one percent of the invested amount are already considered uneconomic. To find the right ETF, interested parties can get advice from their bank. However, they often have to remain stubborn , as banks tend to sell actively managed funds. In addition, it makes sense to ask for further investment offers in order to compare the different options.

To minimize the risk, ZDF WISO gives the following tips:

  • Never put everything on one card
  • The shorter the application period, the greater the risks
  • Only invest money that savers can forego for longer
  • Do not invest all assets in stocks
  • Stay rational and make no hasty decisions

Permanently good index funds at Stiftung Warentest

The worldwide market-wide index funds with a very good rating from Stiftung Warentest include, for example:

  • Amundi MSCI World Ucits ETF EUR
  • ComStage MSCI World Ucits ETF
  • db x-trackers MSCI World Ucits ETF 1C
  • iShares Core MSCI World Ucits ETF
  • Lyxor Ucits ETF MSCI World D-EUR
  • Source MSCI World Ucits ETF
  • UBS MSCI World Ucits ETF A

The current fund costs vary between 0.2 percent and 0.45 percent. The return over five years, together with distributions less running costs, ranges from 14.1% to 14.4% depending on the fund.

Tip: Depending on how long you want your money to work for you and how much risk you want to invest, different options are recommended. Find out with a non-binding investment offer which high-yielding options you have when investing.

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