Why You Need a Meat Tenderizer


Meat is used as an ingredient in many dishes and people are out there,who love meat as a food component. Meat gives you various health benefits that can’t be ignored, and then there is the taste that is out of the world. These are enough reasons for the popularity that meat dishes have. You can soften the tough meat using a meat tenderizer.

There is a burning debate around the best way to turn the meat soft. One way is you can always buy already soft meat such as Filet mignon, but it can surely burn a hole in your pocket. You can purchase steaks and slices of meat and prepare them rightly at home in a way that they stay tender. A tough cut of meat is less expensive, the reason for its wide market. But, before consuming this meat, you might want to make it soft. This can be done by tenderizing, which makes chewing it easier.

What makes a lump of meat tough? It is a question that might pop up in your head. When you consumethe meat of lamb, veal, pig, or beef, you are feeding on the muscles. The movement and the physical activity of the animals can make the meat hard. Tender meat is more flavorful and juicy, and that’s why desired.

Best way to tenderize meat

Beating the tough meat never fails. You can do this with the use of a meat tenderizer, which is usually in the shape of a hammer. You can also use powder to make the meat softer, but if you don’t want you can use a meat tenderizer mallet. It is a tool handled with hands containing rugged as well as smooth sides. The best effects are visible when you pound the meat with the rugged surface, which breaks the fiber and connective tissues. Once you have made optimum use of the rugged surface, you can flatten the meat with the help of the smooth side for easy cooking.

Benefits of using a meat tenderizer

Using a tenderizer comes with its own benefits. Some of them are the following:

  • Comfortable handling as it is ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight, so you don’t have to put much effort into handling it
  • It has two opposite sides, rugged and smooth
  • Durable construction and structure

The best tenderizer can be found at the LEM Products store and make the cooking of meat easier. There are a plethora of choices ranging from hand-held tenderizers, vertical tenderizers, clamp-on to electric ones. Whatever your budget is, you can find one here with great ease.

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