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The Akita is one of the most powerful and massive kinds of dog. They are most noble as well as intimidating in nature. American Akita are mainly used for their royalty as well as nobility. They never back down when it comes to matters of challenges and they take time to be friendly. They are usually fearless as well as a loyal form of guardians.


Though they take much time to be a part of the family and to be friendly they seem to be more affectionate and respectful as well. They are an amazing form of dogs when they are given proper training. As they are not much friendly to strangers as well as stubborn they are the best kind of breed to be kept for guarding.

They are faithful and much attached to the right kind of human. Once they are friendly with the family they are sure to shower love and affection on them.

It is essential that the person who likes to have this breed of dog need to have lots of patience towards them as they require more grooming and to be ready to spend to do the grooming by an agent.

Some have hearty appetites and also tend to gain weight very easily. This may cause health issues so need to keep their weight under control. It is essential to provide much exercise to them and need to take care of their diet and food regularly instead of leaving the food all at once.

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